Building Operation Training

The BGE Smart Energy Savers Building Operation Training (BOT) Program offers incentives for building operation personnel to receive nationally recognized training, providing them the education to transform their workplaces into more comfortable and energy-efficient environments. The BOT Program is available to contractors and building operation personnel who are employed at government, commercial, non-residential, industrial, non-profit and institutional facilities within the BGE service territory.

In cases where the applicant is a contractor, a representative of the BGE customer must provide a letter, on company letterhead, stating that the contractor is assigned to work at the customer’s facility and that the BGE customer supports the contractor’s participation in the Building Operation Training Program.

Though BGE’s BOT Program concentrates on electric energy savings, building operation personnel may take a variety of approved certification or classes related to energy management, lighting, HVAC, indoor air quality and more. The incentives are designed to cover 80% of the enrollment costs with a maximum incentive of $1,000 for each course. Associated costs, including but not limited to travel, food, lodging, test fees, etc., are not eligible for incentives. The applicant must submit proof of attendance via a certificate of completion or other similar documentation in order to receive an incentive.

The applicant must also be responsible for the energy management of the facility where they are employed, or have a direct impact on the energy performance of the facility. All applicants must have approval of their employer and the facility manager (if not the same). All applicants must have a physical presence at the facility at least 50% of his or her working hours.

Program Details
Details of the program, including incentive levels and eligibility requirements, are subject to change without prior notice. To learn more, visit or you may call 410.290.1202.

Applicants may take multiple courses, however each course requires a separate application. A list of pre-qualified courses is available at The program will consider applications for non-listed courses on an individual basis. All BOT Applications require Pre-approval.

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